Welcome to The World of Zinkteknik!

undefinedZinkteknik is one of Europe's leading zinc casting operations in Småland Bredaryd and Mostar in Bosnia. We have customers in Europe and the United States and is primarily represented in the segments of automotive, electronics, telecom / IT, construction and equipment.
A high level of knowledge and technical level as well as continuous development in production, handling and materials allows us and our customers are always moving forward.

Zinkteknik Sweden

undefinedIt was in Småland Bredaryd, Zinkteknik started in 1985. We are still in the same location, with proximity to suppliers and a good supply of know-how. At Zinkteknik Sweden we have our marketing department, production, finance, purchasing and other administration. We have a close co-operation with our sister company in Bosnia and to many of our customers, we supply from both affiliates, depending on where the customer is located and where their market is. 

Zinkteknik Bosnia

undefinedZinkteknik Bosnia doo is a sister company of Zinkteknik in Sweden and is operated completely in line with Zinkteknik guidelines in terms of high technology, knowledge, automation, quality and environment.



Two production units - a security

undefinedToday, Europe is the home market for Zinkteknik. Mostar in Bosnia Herzegovina is logistically very convenient for our customers in Europe. Through two production units, Sweden and Bosnia, we can offer flexibility and capabilities as larger projects can be delivered from both affiliates.


Strengthening competitiveness and a "green thinking"

By being in two locations we are also able to strengthen our customers competitiveness. Choosing the plant closest to our customer results in lower cost and time for transportation, lower cost of insurance, etc. and this saves our customers large sums of money. It also reduces emissions and saves the environment.

Surface treatment

undefinedZinkteknik do not have our own surface treatment. Instead we have a collaboration with several different subcontractors. Due to our customers requirements we always want the possibility to choose the most optimal surface treatment for their zinc details in regards to finish and function. Then it is up to us to find the right surface treatment to the right price and quality with the right subcontractor. Therefor it is important to have several different companies to choose from and preferably have them close to our plants. 

Tool manufacturing

undefinedWe have also chosen to work with professional subcontractors to produce our moulding tools. We have to have carefully selected suppliers that we are able to have a close co-operation with. It is of absolute priority that the tools are able to perform the best quality and capacity at a reasonable cost for our customers. The details level of quality starts with tool that is 100 percent correct. We also need to have a very good service level and a close co-operation if something happens during the production. Therefor we choose to work with suppliers in close proximity to our plants in both Sweden and Bosnia. 


undefinedWe can offer most of the processing of the moulded zinc details. Even though we try to avoid after processing together with our customers, it is sometimes needed. We can arrange after processing inhouse or use subcontractors. We have several fully automatic processing cells available primarily in Sweden. We can also have the possibility of manual processing in Bosnia. This includes both cutting processing, threading, but also mounting details with other components.