Zinc – a creative and production-friendly material

undefinedZinc is a creative and design-friendly material. Strong and versatile. A high level of complexity and excellent precision, strength, elasticity capacity, resilience and ductility. Add the option of narrow tolerances, thermal conductivity capacity and electromagnetic screening. In other words zinc is a fantastic material to work with.

Compare with other materials
Various examples of product solutions


Its excellent workability, combined with the aforementioned properties, creates largely unlimited opportunities for design and production.


During the casting process, we can produce intricate three-dimensional objects with openings and undercuts at angles. We can also cast thin and precisely positioned parts, as well as deep, narrow holes and slits. We can also minimize the weight of zinc parts while retaining their strength and high surface quality. In most cases, the various functions of zinc parts can be created in a single block, which saves a lot of production and finishing time.


Depending on the type of alloy used, individual properties can be boosted to meet customer requirements. We use three different alloys.

Surface treatment

No other construction material can be surface-treated using so many different methods as zinc. There is a decorative or functional method of surface treatment for almost every conceivable requirement.