Welcome to the world of Zinkteknik

Welcome to the world of Zinkteknik

Zinkteknik is one of the leading European companies within zinc die casting. Our plants are located in Bredaryd, Sweden and Mostar in Bosnia. Our clients are in Europe and USA and are primarily represented within the automotive, electronics, telecom and IT, and construction industry. A continous high level of knowledge and technical development withink production, handling and material moves us and our customers forward.

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Why walk with the follower... when you can run with the leader

5000 articles per hour All right

Go for green technology

As a zinc producer we manage all the zinc residue that is formed in the process, which then become a secondary material for the production of new zinc and zinc products. The low melting temperature of zinc at 400-415°C, gives a much lower energy consumption than what other metalls need (usually other metalls have a 200-300° higher melting temperature).

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To combine zinc details with moulded plastic is nothing new and there are quite a few suppliers in the market. PolyZink® however, is an innovation that is unique for Zinkteknik. This method has opened up a whole new way of thingking for constructors, product developers and designers.

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The advantages of Zinc

Zinc is a creative and construction friendly material. It is strong and flexible. High complexity and good precision, strength, elasticity, resilliance and ductility. Add thereto the possibility of narrow tolerance and the ability to divert heat and electromagnetic screening.

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Zinc school

The largest obstacle to the expansion of Zinc is the lack of knowledge. To overcome this and increase the knowledge and creativity, we have started our own Zinc school in Bredaryd, Sweden. The interest to participate in this training has been very good since we started.

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50 compontents in a car
are produced by us

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2020 02 04

Euroguss Nürnberg

Thank you for visiting us at Euroguss Nürnberg

2019 06 26

Zink school 10 October 2019

Welcome to join our Zink school here in Bredaryd. More info under the Material-Zink School.

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